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New MTS 647.200 High-Force Hydraulic Wedge Grips

High-force hydraulic wedge grips add speed and repeatability to servohydraulic testing

Get “grip-and-go” simplicity with MTS 647.200 Hydraulic Wedge Grips—the highest-capacity fatigue-rated, side-loading wedge grips in the industry.

These hydraulically clamped grips eliminate the drilling and bolt-tightening required with traditional panel grips, dramatically reducing test setup times and minimizing test data variance.

The side-loading grip design maximizes available test space to allow testing of much larger specimens. This can help you avoid the practice of testing specimens that are a fraction of the actual size of the material to be used in the real-world application. Inaccurate assumptions about how a larger specimen will react to various loads and moments can be made when extrapolating a small specimen’s performance data in a linear equation.

Size effect is a growing discipline in material testing, especially in the aerospace and civil engineering fields, and these grips are ideal for helping you glean an accurate assessment of how material or component size will ultimately impact performance.

MTS 647.200 Hydraulic Wedge Grips are capable of clamping specimens up to 12" wide to meet your testing needs. You can test round and flat specimens up to 440 kip for fatigue testing, along with 570 kip for tensile test applications. They offer the ideal solution for the full range of fundamental tension and compression testing, along with such fatigue/crack/growth procedures as JIc, KIc and direct-current potential drop testing.

Key ways the new MTS high force wedge grips can assist in lab efficiency include:

Easy specimen insertion. Quickly and easily insert larger specimens and change wedges. This design also maximizes available testing space.

Excellent repeatability. The grip’s wedge action design clamps onto a specimen in the exact same position, test after test, minimizing bending strains that can invalidate test results.

Adjustable hydraulic pressures. You have flexibility to adjust pressure as necessary, allowing you to use your MTS 647.200 wedge grips with a broad range of materials.
Multiple wedge selection. Choose from a variety of flat, round or vee-shaped wedges to test your broad range of specimen sizes.

Add convenience, precision and repeatability to your high-force testing today. Find out more about how MTS 647.200 Hydraulic Wedge Grips will benefit your servohydraulic testing.


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