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New test system enables simple, affordable European asphalt testing

Beginning January 1, 2008, a CE marking will be required on all pavement materials used in European roadways. This means that suppliers of asphalt mixtures in this part of the world will be required to repeatedly qualify their product through a series of rigorous tests. The new requirements will undoubtedly impact European research and contract test labs as well.

To help meet these new requirements, MTS is offering an affordable, easy-to-use and reliable asphalt testing solution designed specifically for performing EN standard tests.

The MTS European Asphalt Testing System integrates a high-stiffness servohydraulic load frame, precision fixtures and strain measurement devices, and full-featured test application software to deliver a perfectly matched solution for EN standard testing.

This new test system is essentially a scaled-down version of the MTS 810 Pavement Test System in use at leading research institutions around the world, using much of the same technology and yielding the same credible, research-quality test results.

Technology includes a new asphalt triaxial cell fixture that operates at pressures and temperatures unique to asphalt testing, along with a EN bend-beam fixture offering the test space necessary to accommodate prescribed specimen sizes for asphalt testing. MTS Multipurpose TestWare application software also features convenient test methods that greatly simplify the execution of specific EN test standards.

Only a few months remain until roadway asphalt used in Europe will be subject to rigorous, new levels of testing. Prepare today by learning more about the MTS European Asphalt Testing System.


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