V6- GEN - Lead Story

New System Directly Addresses Needs of Orthopaedic and Medical Device Developers

The MTS Bionix® Electromechanical (EM) Torsion Test System integrates a compact load frame, advanced digital controls and industry-leading application software to enable safe, simple and accurate testing of components subjected to torque loading in biomedical applications.

This space-saving tabletop system applies low-force monotonic and multi-cycle torsion to test orthopaedic bone screws, surgical tools, and medical device components such as tubing, catheters, torsion springs and lead wires. It is also ideal for torsion testing electronics, general materials and fasteners.

This new system has been optimized for orthopaedic and medical device testing applications. It is built to deliver the range of torsional loads necessary for accurately simulating bone screw insertion, head twist-off, or testing the performance and durability of torque limiting screws, needle bonds and fine lead wires.

An innovative axial loading system ensures safe application of loads, and makes it easy to switch from tension to compression without disturbing test setups. By adding optional TEDS-enabled load cells and a displacement measurement encoder, you can also benefit from highly accurate monitoring, data acquisition and readout of static axial loads and displacements.

MTS TestWorks® application software extends these powerful capabilities to technicians of every skill level, combining user-friendly operation with flexible test definition, superior data acquisition and powerful analysis and reporting. Prepackaged torsion test methods help ensure you meet established industry testing standards.

If your work involves orthopaedic or medical device development, the new MTS Bionix EM Torsion Test System represents the latest must-have tool for your test lab. Learn more today.


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