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The College of Civil Engineering of Tongji University houses two 70-ton shake tables and two 30-ton shake tables within their Multi-Functional Shaking Tables (MFST) Lab. The tables can be arranged in multiple configurations anywhere within two adjacent trenches enabling researchers to test longer and larger test specimens.

Versatile MTS Shake Table Technology

MTS shake tables to help innovators of civil engineering perform accurate, repeatable seismic simulation tests.

This year the College of Civil Engineering of Tongji University and MTS celebrated the 30-year anniversary of collaboration to support disaster-reduction research in civil engineering. In those 30 years, the College of Civil Engineering has conducted more than 900 seismic tests using MTS equipment to help reduce the effects of devastating earthquakes on structures such as bridges and buildings.

Civil engineers depend on MTS seismic simulators to evaluate the behavior of everything from small structural components to full-scale structures under true earthquake conditions. Encompassing the full spectrum of seismic testing needs, the MTS shake table offering includes:
  • Custom six degree-of-freedom seismic simulators for subjecting full structures to real earthquake conditions
  • Special-purpose seismic simulators for evaluating extremely large specimens such as bridges, or specimens that require fewer degrees of freedom such as walls or seismic dampers
  • Standard uni-axial and bi-axial seismic simulators for testing substructures and components in more compact laboratory environments.
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