V17 - GEO - Product 3
The MTS Ultrasonic Velocity Test Solution

V17 - GEO - Product 1
MTS can help you fully characterize rock specimen porosity, elastic constants, anisotrophy, fluid saturation and other critical attributes.

MTS Ultrasonic Velocity Test Solution Spurs Insight into Geomaterial Behavior

Designed to help researchers and test engineers study the behavior of geomaterials under extreme temperatures and pressures, the MTS Ultrasonic Velocity Test Solution delivers detailed characterizations that provide insight into specimen porosity, elastic constants, anisotropy, fluid saturation and other critical attributes.

The solution features tightly integrated controls, data acquisition, signal processing electronics and PC, all bundled together within the consolidated system electronics console. This complete package eliminates the need for a separate oscilloscope and pulser/receiver, as well as a second PC for executing ultrasonic velocity tests and acquiring or analyzing data. With fewer peripheral electronics, setup is simplified and operation is more intuitive.

The MTS Ultrasonic Velocity Test Solution is specifically designed for use with the MTS Model 656 Triaxial Cell, an industry-leading accessory that can be seamlessly integrated into MTS Model 815 or Model 816 Rock Mechanics Test Systems. It gives researchers the ability to:

• Calculate dynamic Young’s modulus, shear modulus and Poisson’s ratio
• Improve predictions of overall rock mass properties
• Acquire a complete geomaterials testing solution from one source
• Enhance materials testing flexibility

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