MTS Geomaterials Testing Systems
The MTS Model 815 test system is ideal for rock tests that are critical to fossil fuels exploration and production, mining and rock mechanics research.

MTS Geomaterials Testing Systems
The MTS Model 816 test system is engineered for concrete tests that are important to the construction industry, as well as rock mechanics research testing involving smaller test samples.

Accurately Evaluate Rock, Concrete or Other Materials

Unmatched expertise, advanced technology and superior service make MTS the premier rock testing solutions provider. With a rock testing solution to meet your needs, MTS can help you gain critical understanding and certainty, test after test and year after year.

815 Systems
The Model 815 test systems are designed for the most demanding applications including very large or very hard samples. With integrated base plate-mounted actuators they perform uniaxial and triaxial rock tests that are crucial to fossil fuels exploration and production, mining and rock mechanics research. These highly stiff load frames, offer compression ratings up to 4600 kN and tension ratings up to 2300 kN.

816 Systems
The Model 816 is a multi-purpose testing system, ideal for testing construction materials or smaller rock samples at lower forces. These compact, modular systems employ crosshead-mounted actuators and can be configured for uniaxial, triaxial and direct shear testing.

Leveraging Powerful Pools
The 815 and 816 systems can incorporate a variety of options and accessories to maximize performance and adapt the systems to specific needs.
  • MultiPurpose TestWare® Software templates based on recognized ASTM and ISRM standards
  • MTS FlexTest® Controllers deliver high-speed closed-loop control, data acquisition, function generation and transducer conditioning for up to 40 channels for eight stations
  • MTS SilentFlo™ hydraulic power units for clean, quiet hydraulic power
  • Triaxial Cells simulate real-world, in situ conditions and allow testing at varying stress states, pore fluid pressures and high temperatures
  • Extensometers designed for robust, reliable performance in demanding uniaxial and triaxial applications
  • Test Fixturing available for both standard and custom testing applications, including ASTM and ISRM reference methods, to help ensure precise specimen alignment and force application
  • Direct Shear Testing Package available for the 816 system for testing of naturally jointed or intact rock specimens

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