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MTS Series 201 hydraulic actuators are heavy duty, fatigue rated force generators designed for long stroke and/or low dynamic applications.
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MTS Series 244 hydraulic actuators are fatigue-rated and designed for years of trouble-free operation.

Ensure accurate, repeatable testing with MTS Series 244 and Series 201 hydraulic actuators

Applying unmatched engineering and test technology expertise, MTS offers a complete family of highly reliable and durable hydraulic actuators. Our fatigue-rated actuators are designed specifically to meet the demands of mechanical testing in a wide range of civil, geomechanical and seismic applications.

MTS Series 244 and Series 201 hydraulic actuators provide the foundation for this proven offering. With their precise control of high-frequency motions and forces, Series 244 actuators offer an integrated, high-performance solution for dynamic force generation. Series 201 actuators deliver an economical long-stroke solution for static or low-frequency testing.

MTS Series 244 actuator features include:
• A double-ended piston design
• Force capacities of 15kN – 1000kN (3.3 kip – 220 kip), depending on model*
• Superior reliability and versatility for dynamic force generation
• Proprietary MTS seal and bearing designs for superior performance and life
• MTS-exclusive direct-bonded polymer bearings for reduced friction
• Hydraulic cushions to protect the end caps

MTS Series 201 actuator features include:
• Force capacities of 32kN – 1775kN (7.0 kip – 400 kip) in tension and
  63kN – 2595kN (14.0 kip – 590 kip) in compression, depending on model*
• Reinforced tie rods, bolted connections and polymer bearings for
  improved reliability and wear-resistance
• Low-friction seals that comprise only 1% of the rated load

Learn more today about why the world’s leading test professionals insist on running their tests with MTS Series 244 and Series 201 hydraulic actuators.

*For other force capacities please contact your local MTS sales representative.

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