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A SilentFlo HPU can have one to six pump/motor modules

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An MTS FSE will pack the used module for return

SilentFlo™ Pump/Motor Module Onsite Exchange Program

MTS SilentFlo™ Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) have earned a superior reputation in test labs worldwide for their quiet, reliable operation and long service life. However, like any mechanical system subject to demanding daily use, certain SilentFlo parts will exhibit wear and require maintenance over time. That’s why MTS offers the SilentFlo Pump/Motor Module Onsite Exchange Program.

This program offers a fast, easy and cost-effective way to replace the most critical components of your SilentFlo HPU at the earliest signs of wear. An MTS field service engineer will arrive on site at your facility to install a remanufactured and fully warranted pump/motor module that delivers like-new performance based on stringent specifications. Your existing module will be returned to MTS and remanufactured in a similar fashion for a future exchange.  

We manage the entire process for you. In fact, your only responsibility is to schedule an appointment for us to visit your test lab. For the most proactive approach, you can schedule a cascading exchange in which pump/motor modules are exchanged in sequenced intervals to help ensure evenly distributed usage and optimal performance.

Increase uptime. We’ll help you restore HPU performance quickly to reduce downtime and significantly extend HPU life, resulting in excellent investment protection.

Save money. Get like-new and fully warranted performance at a fraction of what it costs to replace worn pumps/motor modules with new components.

Proactively plan. Rather than scrambling with an emergency repair, you can build your budget around a planned service expense. You also have flexibility to perform the replacement at a convenient time in your test schedule.

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If your test lab uses MTS SilentFlo HPUs, the SilentFlo Pump/Motor Module Onsite Exchange Program simply makes too much sense not to have. It offers an excellent way to help you increase uptime, save money on maintenance and extend the longevity of your servohydraulic power generation equipment. Find out more about this valuable program today.

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