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                            Triaxial Cell

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When fitted with triaxial accessories, the MTS 815 test system enables researchers to accurately replicate in situ conditions for complex rock mechanic characterization.

Triaxial Accessories for Rock Testing

Geological materials experts choose the MTS 815 and 816 rock mechanics test systems to test all types of rock in basic and highly complex applications. One of the most challenging is triaxial testing, which aims to accurately recreate in situ conditions that involve high confining pressures, very high temperatures and a wide range of specimen stress states.

Designed for flexibility, the load frames of the MTS 815 and 816 test systems are pre-engineered for installation of triaxial cells. These cells, or pressure vessels, along with a wide variety of in-vessel accessories designed to withstand extreme conditions, can be installed in multiple configurations depending on your specific needs. Choices include:

 Triaxial test assemblies that accommodate a range of specimen
   dimensions and pressure ratings
 Model 656 series triaxial cells with up to 18 feedthroughs for
   in-vessel measurement and control
 Confining pressure intensifiers to control the fluid in the cell
 High-temperature control package to monitor and control cell 
 In-vessel load cells to help eliminate errors due to seal friction 
   and pressure area effects
 In-vessel extensometers designed for measuring strain at high
   temperatures and pressures
 Pore pressure intensifier to saturate jacketed specimens and allow 
   permeability measurements
 Ultrasonic Velocity System to measure dynamic elastic properties 
   under changing stress states

Learn more about how to configure a complete triaxial testing solution for your MTS 815 and 816 rock mechanics test systems.

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