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The MTS FlexDAC chassis is designed for easy integration with existing hardware.

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Ideal for large-channel-count applications such as those found in civil structural testing labs.

New Data Acquisition Solution Improves Test Results Accuracy

Introducing the MTS FlexDAC™ 20 Data Acquisition System ­— a high-performance solution for acquiring test data from both bridge-based devices such as strain gages and load cells and high-level devices such as accelerometers and thermocouples. Fast acquisition speeds and a high-channel-count capability make the MTS FlexDAC 20 system ideal for evaluating the behavior of full-scale and component structures under load.

This data acquisition system is built on the same proven hardware platform as the MTS FlexTest™ controller family. It is also optimized for use with industry-leading MTS software to tightly integrate control and data acquisition into a single user experience. The MTS FlexDAC 20 system offers compatibility with legacy and future MTS control systems, and with legacy data acquisition systems from other vendors, simplifying integration with existing hardware.

Superior accuracy. Because we engineer our control systems, DAC system and test software for use with one another, the FlexDAC system incorporates hardware-based clock synchronization, yielding exceptional test result accuracy.

Multi-station support. Most standalone data acquisition systems support a single test station, forcing at least one chassis to be purchased for every test system in use. In contrast, the MTS FlexDAC 20 chassis can divide its 64 channels across up to four test stations simultaneously, reducing your hardware expenses.

One resource for all your testing needs. In the past, test labs have been forced to work with multiple suppliers to create an integrated control and data acquisition solution, making it sometimes difficult to diagnose and resolve issues. MTS remedies this situation by offering the ability to supply, coordinate and integrate the entire solution from a single manufacturer.

By choosing the MTS FlexDAC 20 system for your data acquisition needs, you’ll benefit from unsurpassed accuracy and flexibility, along with all the advantages that come from getting your test technology, integration, service and support from a single resource. Find out more today.

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