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STEX Pro software automates the entire simulation process, simplifying use, ensuring consistent operation and allowing easy customization for specific test systems.

STEX™ Pro Raises the Bar of Seismic Testing Software

STEX (Seismic Test Execution) Pro software is the ultimate tool for setting up and performing laboratory-based seismic qualification tests and earthquake simulations on large-scale civil structures, substructures and non-structural equipment and systems. It combines a host of innovative seismic simulation tools with an integrated suite of applications for achieving precise control of complex, multi-channel mechanical test systems.

STEX Pro software employs an iterative process to reproduce the accelerations, velocities and displacements of recorded time histories, and customer-defined profiles, on MTS mechanical test systems, enabling the quick and accurate replication of seismic events in controlled laboratory settings.

Mechanical testing costs money and takes time, so it is critical to extract as much information as possible from every test. Using advanced editing and analysis techniques, STEX Pro software optimizes simulations to maximize laboratory productivity and transform data into useful, functional information through advanced analysis, editing and reporting.

STEX Pro software leverages world-leading MTS Remote Parameter Control (RPC) software technology for data validation, analysis, laboratory simulation and test monitoring. It complements existing test system installations, providing:

• Advanced methods
• Intelligent seismic simulation tools
• Customizable, process-driven user interfaces
• Customization and automation capabilities to meet specific needs
• Unsurpassed control techniques and analysis functionality
• Powerful diagnostics

STEX Pro software represents a unique synthesis of two world-leading MTS software platforms, effectively blending the civil/seismic test and simulation functionality of proven STEX software with the powerful Remote Parameter Control technology that has made RPC Pro software a critical tool for ground vehicle designers worldwide. Developed in close collaboration with some of the world’s premiere civil engineering laboratories, STEX Pro software will define the state-of-the-art for civil/seismic test and simulation for decades to come.

Learn more today about how STEX Pro can meet your seismic simulation needs for structure, substructures and non-structural equipment and systems.


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