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249 Swivel base and rod ends

The Next Generation of Fatigue-rated Swivels for Closed-loop Servohydraulic Testing

Recently redesigned to increase strength, durability and overall versatility, MTS Series 249 and 249N Swivels help meet the demands of closed-loop servohydraulic testing. These fatigue-rated swivels are precision-engineered to optimize performance in a variety of structural testing applications. To minimize weight while maximizing strength, these swivels are cast with fatigue-resistant ductile iron. Maintenance-free, non-metallic bearings reduce friction, eliminate the need for lubrication and increase swivel life span. All of these swivels offer high axial stiffness for high frequency testing, and are available in force ratings from 5.5 kip (25 kN) to 350 kip (1,557 kN).

Choose from base end and rod end swivels in adjustable or non-adjustable designs. The Series 249 models feature backlash adjustment which removes as much relative movement as possible between the system and jaws, while allowing the needed rotation for tension-compression loading cycles. For non-reversing applications, the non-adjustable Series 249N swivels are ideal.

Other important new features include:

Cavity for Temposonics® linear-position sensor, eliminating the need for a spacer plate
Mounting flat on the base end swivel makes it easy to attach an accelerometer
Threaded sleeve in the swivel eye acts as a variable shim when adjusting swivel backlash
Easy integration with MTS actuator assemblies
Backward compatibility with existing Series 249 swivels

Learn more today about the new MTS Series 249 and 249N Swivels.


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