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The MTS Ultrasonic Velocity Test Solution features state-of-the-art hardware, software and electronics that integrate seamlessly with MTS Rock Mechanics Systems

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Robust ultrasonic platen hardware is designed specifically for use wtih industry-leading MTS triaxial cells

Introducing the New MTS Ultrasonic Velocity Test Solution

The new MTS Ultrasonic Velocity Test Solution provides an effective, nondestructive means of studying critical geological core sample properties — such as stress distributions and failure modes — while specimens are subjected to high temperatures and pressures that replicate extreme, in-situ environments.

The solution comprises state-of-the-art platen hardware, application software, and control and data acquisition electronics. These components are meticulously engineered and tightly integrated to deliver accurate, dependable performance in demanding triaxial test applications at temperatures up to 180°C and pressures up to 140 MPa (20,000 psi). The solution is specifically designed for use with the industry-leading MTS Model 656 Triaxial Cell, an accessory that can be seamlessly integrated into robust MTS Model 815 or Model 816 Rock Mechanics Test Systems.

The MTS Ultrasonic Velocity Test Solution includes:

Specially designed ultrasonic platens, transducers, cabling and feedthroughs capable of sustaining superior accuracy in demanding triaxial test conditions MTS 793.64 Rock Ultrasonic Software for advanced data monitoring, acquisition and processing

8-channel ultrasonic and acoustic digital processing electronics with a data acquisition rate of up to 123 MB/second, 16-bit resolution, 4 high-pass/low-pass filter selections per channel, and digital I/O for event triggering. Processing electronics can be expanded to accommodate additional channels for more advanced test configurations.

A parametric analog signal input card that enables simultaneous, correlated physical and environmental test parameters to be acquired during measurement, including force/stress, confining/pore pressures, axial/circumferential strain, and temperature.

Contact MTS today and explore how the new MTS Ultrasonic Velocity Test Solution can optimize your geomaterials testing program.


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