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Installation of wind turbine test article on UCSD outdoor seismic simulator

Photo by Peggy Peattie - The San Diego Union-Tribune

MTS shake table supports seismic testing of wind turbine structure

How well would a wind turbine withstand an earthquake? That is the question that the George Brown, Jr., Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) set out to answer.

The university recently began subjecting an 80-foot, 23,400-pound wind turbine to simulated seismic activity at the university’s Englekirk Center just south of San Diego. Testing of this massive, top-heavy structure is conducted on an MTS seismic simulator measuring 40 feet by 25 feet — the world’s largest outdoor shake table. Featuring advanced MTS digital controls and servohydraulic actuators capable of driving the table at up to six feet per second, the simulator can accurately replicate the forces and motions of some of history’s most powerful earthquakes.

Civil engineers worldwide depend on MTS seismic simulators to evaluate the behavior of everything from small structural components to full-scale structures under true earthquake conditions. Encompassing the full spectrum of seismic testing needs, the MTS shake table offering includes:
  • Custom six degree-of-freedom seismic simulators for subjecting full structures to real earthquake conditions
  • Special-purpose seismic simulators for evaluating extremely large specimens such as bridges, or specimens that require fewer degrees of freedom such as walls or seismic dampers
  • Affordable standard uni-axial and bi-axial seismic simulators for testing substructures and components in more compact laboratory environments.
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