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MTS rock testing solutions include triaxial stress and pore pressure capabilities

V3 - GEO - Product Story 2
MTS solutions accurately simulate the high-temperature, high-pressure extremes common to "downhole" environments

V3 - GEO - Product Story 3
Engineers at open pit mines use rock sample properties to support slope stability models

Achieve deep understanding of rock properties

Unmatched expertise, advanced technology and superior service make MTS the premier rock testing solutions provider. MTS can help you achieve the deepest levels of understanding and certainty, test after test and year after year.

We have installed more high-force servohydraulic test systems than any other manufacturer, and our solutions are deployed worldwide, evaluating geomaterials for fossil fuel exploration, mining and construction. Currently, we are working on solutions to help our customers effectively address tomorrow’s testing challenges in emerging areas such as geothermal energy, carbon sequestration, extremely deep drilling and nuclear waste storage.

Covering a full spectrum of rock testing requirements
MTS has worked alongside test professionals in a variety of industries for decades, with particular expertise assisting rock mechanics experts in:

Fossil fuels exploration and production.  MTS allows test professionals working for energy companies to glean valuable insight faster into the types of structures, piping, drill bits and techniques required to efficiently extract oil and natural gas from often difficult-to-produce sources.

Mining and construction. MTS has a proven history of helping mining and civil structural professionals characterize geological materials to help ensure the safety and productivity of excavation sites.

Rock mechanics research. Whether your research focuses on geothermal energy development, carbon sequestration, nuclear waste storage or other applications requiring careful geological materials characterization, MTS tools and expertise can help you complete it with precision and efficiency.

Learn more today about how MTS can benefit your geological materials evaluation.


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