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Blade Static Test Solution

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Blade Fatigue Test Solution

Improving Wind Turbine Reliability: Blade Test Solutions

As the world’s premier test and simulation solution provider, MTS stands uniquely qualified to deliver the mechanical testing solutions required to improve wind turbine reliability and durability. MTS wind turbine blade testing solutions combine state-of-the-art MTS technology, complex systems integration expertise and comprehensive facilities planning to help you meet a full spectrum of static and fatigue testing requirements.

Static Test Solutions
MTS static test solutions apply tightly controlled static loading to blades for performing stiffness and strength tests required for certification and FEM model validation. These solutions combine robust hydraulic winch and linear actuation technologies to achieve coordinated, precision loading at multiple pull points along blades.

Fatigue Test Solutions
Highly accurate MTS fatigue test solutions apply automated cyclic loading to blades at resonant frequency for validating design durability, confirming load profiles, and tracking early failures, cracks and changes in properties. These solutions employ compact, energy-efficient UREX (Universal Resonant Excitation) systems, developed through a Cooperative Research & Development Agreement (CRADA) between the U.S. DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and MTS. They feature automated control of test end-levels and frequencies, and are capable of performing both flap-wise and edge-wise fatigue testing.

Unrivaled MTS Service & Support
MTS can provide comprehensive facilities planning to ensure that your test laboratory is properly configured at the outset to accommodate all your foreseeable wind turbine testing activities. This planning spans a wide range of considerations, including:
• Hydraulic power supply and distribution
• Foundation and strong floor design
• Floor plan efficiency
• Hose and cabling schemes
• Electrical power requirements
• Materials and equipment handling capabilities

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