V17 - BIO - Product 1
The family of MTS Bionix® EnviroBaths

V17 - BIO - Product 2
MTS Bionix EnviroBath with spray/mist option mounted in an MTS Bionix Tabletop Test System

The Versatile and Easy-To-Use MTS Bionix® EnviroBath

Versatile and easy-to-use, MTS Bionix® EnviroBath facilitates the efficient and accurate mechanical testing of biomedical and general material specimens in fluids heated to body temperatures.

The EnviroBath is designed to streamline biomaterial and component test operations. Convenient, leak-proof front and back access panels enable the easy installation and change out of grips, fixtures and test specimens. Filling and draining the EnviroBath is both controlled and quick, and easy disassembly simplifies cleaning and regular maintenance. A highly reliable fluid temperature control system ensures fluid bath temperatures remain constant throughout the duration of the test.

The versatile EnviroBath is available in a variety of volume configurations to accommodate a wide range of test requirements, Bionix grips and fixtures, and specimen sizes. A universal adapter design ensures full compatibility with MTS electromechanical, servohydraulic, and electrodynamic load frames, as well as electromechanical test systems from other manufacturers.

A host of optional features further extend the utility of the EnviroBath; these include a protein-based fluid handling system and bath-mounted temperature monitoring.

Highlighted features include:

• Available in 1, 6 and 10 liter volume configurations
Allows accurate close loop control of bath temperature from 5°C above 
   ambient to 40°C
Supports saline (standard) and protein-based (optional) fluids
Compatible with a broad selection of Bionix grips and features
Campatible with both monotonic and dynamic frame hardware
Supports low force, high force and torsional test applications
Compatible with non-contacting extensometers
Optional horizontal configuration for electromechanical load frames
Optional mister/spray for 6 and 10 liter baths

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