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Developed with durability and performance in mind, MTS Acumen Test Systems perform at peak levels when properly maintained.

Maximize MTS Acumen™ System Value with Smart Maintenance and Service Plans

The MTS Acumen electrodynamic test system is designed to provide years of clean, quiet and low-maintenance operation. With scheduled maintenance, you can ensure that your system performance is maximized and any potential concerns are identified and addressed before they negatively impact your test data integrity.

MTS Routine Maintenance provides the correct amount of care you need to maintain optimal MTS Acumen system performance. This convenient and cost-effective program includes regularly scheduled maintenance, performed by trained MTS field service engineers. During a routine visit, we will:

• Check electronics, hardware and overall system condition
• Inspect the crosshead and associated lift system
• Check actuator condition, transducer alignment and function
• Review condition of cables and internal power supply
• Provide detailed reports of services performed, equipment condition and service recommendations

Although MTS Routine Maintenance is an excellent step toward getting reliable performance from your MTS Acumen system, it is just part of the comprehensive services MTS can provide to ensure years of reliable testing. Our comprehensive MTS ConcordSM Service Plan is designed to get you the best possible performance, uptime and longevity from your MTS Acumen system. The result is lower total cost of ownership and worry-free operation, so you can focus on your test program.

We offer MTS Concord plans in three levels to meet your needs and budget. Each level includes baseline MTS Acumen services that combine MTS Routine Maintenance with:

• Onsite operator refresher training
• Priority technical support
• Contract periods from one to five years
• Extended warranty coverage (through the contract period)
• Discounted pricing on non-warranty service parts and accessories

The second-level MTS Concord plan includes all of the above plus annual calibration on two items. The highest-level plan includes everything from the other two levels, plus onsite priority service within two business days if resolution cannot be reached by our Tech Support team.

With an MTS Acumen system you’ve invested in a top-quality test system. With MTS Routine Maintenance or a MTS Concord Service plan, you can be confident that you are getting the highest possible performance and best value from this technology investment, over the longest functional life.

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