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The MTS Series 645 Fatigue-rated Pneumatic Wedge Grips are available in 5 kN or 2 kN models

High-Performance Pneumatic Wedge Grips for Dynamic Material Testing

The MTS Series 645 Pneumatic Wedge Grips enable researchers and developers to perform critical fatigue testing to precisely characterize the life and wear of biomaterials. These grips are part of the growing selection of high-performance MTS accessories available for low force dynamic test systems like the new family of MTS Acumen™ Test Systems.

These grips deliver versatility and reliability you won’t find in other pneumatic grips. The streamlined side-loading design helps to maximize workable test space and symmetrical housing design ensures even specimen loading across the entire face of the wedge. Engineered on proven MTS Series 647 wedge grip design, the lateral movement of the wedges won’t change the gripping position on the specimen when the grips are energized.

Other features include:

These wedge grips are available in 2 kN or 5 kN force capacity
Powered by pneumatic pressure allowing for clean operation
Built for dynamic testing environments with a temperature range of 
  -40°C to 200°C (-40°F to 400°F)
Ideally suited to MTS Acumen electrodynamic load frames
Tension and fatigue capability
Adjustable pressure allows for testing a greater variety of materials

Learn more today about how the MTS Series 645 Pneumatic Wedge Grips can help your dynamic test capabilities.

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