V14 - BIO - Product Story 1
Bionix Single-Station (Biaxial Rocking Hip)

V14 - BIO - Product Story 2
Bioinix 12-station Hip Wear Simulator

V14 - BIO - Product Story 3
Bionix Single-Station, Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Hip Wear

V14 - BIO - Product Story 4
Bionix Femoral Fatigue Subsystem

Improve Hip and Femeral Component Fatigue Testing on Bionix® Testing Solutions

Orthopaedic researchers and manufacturers worldwide depend on MTS to help them confidently evaluate hip implants, fixation devices and mobility-retaining technologies. 

Bionix Hip Testing Solutions cover everything from studying hip kinematics to determining wear properties and testing new surgical techniques. They can help you improve patient outcomes by gaining deeper insight into the complexities of hip motion, while creatively pursuing the next generation of innovations. 

Choose from a full range of solutions to match your needs: 

Single-station (biaxial rocking hip) simulator subsystem. When paired with a Bionix Axial/Rotational load frame and FlexTest® controller, this subsystem provides biaxial rocking motion for precise simulation of exaggerated walking kinematics.

Multi-station hip wear simulator. The Bionix Hip Wear Simulator accurately subjects hip implant devices to the real-world forces, motions and in-vivo environments of a walking person. Twelve test stations operate concurrently to deliver statistically significant wear data in less time.

Single-station, multi-DOF hip wear subsystem. This four-degree-of-freedom (DOF) subsystem is ideally suited for long-term wear and fatigue studies of hip replacement devices. A unique double-yoke design achieves flexion/extension, abduction/adduction and internal/external rotation. The result is realistic simulations of activities such as walking and climbing or descending stairs.

Hip stem fatigue fixture. Integrate this fixture with the single-station multi-DOF hip wear subsystem for accurate fatigue testing of femoral stem components of hip replacements.

Learn more today about how Bionix Hip Testing Solutions can optimize the efficiency and precision of your implantable hip device long-term wear, fatigue and durability studies.

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