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The scalable family of
MTS FlexTest Controllers

Flexible, Scalable MTS FlexTest® Controllers

MTS FlexTest® controllers provide a versatile, modular and proven digital control platform for addressing a broad array of material and component test applications.

You can manage multiple load frames with a single MTS FlexTest controller, eliminating the need to configure and accommodate a separate controller for every test system. This helps you conserve valuable lab space, while providing additional flexibility for locating these systems within your facility.

Other MTS FlexTest controller benefits include:

Scalability. Find superior expandability with processors that can be easily upgraded in the field. Additional interface boards can also be added, equipping you to economically expand controller capacity and reduce total costs.

Capability. MTS FlexTest controllers feature high-speed closed-loop control, function generation, transducer conditioning and data acquisition, while simplifying test design and automation using proven MTS software. Advanced adaptive control compensation techniques, calculated channels and cascade control also allow you to adapt actuator controls for specific test requirements.

Flexibility. With MTS FlexTest controllers, you have the freedom to use any valve driver, conditioner or other hardware resource for any test station, allowing you to do more with every controller in your test lab. You can also easily reallocate hardware resources to reconfigure for different test arrangements.

Learn more today about how the MTS FlexTest controller family can help you reduce costs, conserve lab space and get more from your testing technology investments.

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