MTS TestSuite Software
Creating the test flow is easy with drag-and-drop test activity icons.

MTS TestSuite Software
The software guides operators through system setup with a visual depiction of the test space.

A Truly Powerful Combination

The new MTS Acumen™ Electrodynamic Test System is designed to help test engineers maximize accuracy, efficiency and ease of use. One of its most significant innovations, however, is its unprecedented integration with MTS TestSuite™ Multipurpose Software, a connection that dramatically enhances test setup, execution and reporting.

The first difference test engineers will notice is that the software offers a full spectrum of options for tuning the MTS Acumen system’s load frame, from fully automatic to fully manual and everything in between. Many operators will appreciate automatic tuning for its speed and simplicity, while advanced operators may prefer manual tuning with access to raw control loop parameters.

During test setup, MTS TestSuite Multipurpose Software guides users through each task in the correct order. For experienced operators, task-centric workflow improves convenience and productivity. For others, it shortens the learning curve. To expedite test setup even more, a system-ready indicator notifies operators of conditions that could prevent tests from running.

Close alignment between system and software extends to limit setting as well. Setting limits no longer occurs only in a table. Instead, operators drag limits up or down in a visual depiction of the MTS Acumen system on screen. This makes it easy to view status or change limits, check if limits are enabled or disabled, and know exactly what needs to happen to protect the specimen.

Actuator control is also simplified. The software interface displays a visual representation of the actuator’s location in relation to the maximum available test space, which helps confirm that test requirements do not exceed the available range. When moving the actuator, operators simply click the up or down button in the software interface for quick and easy actuator adjustment.

Learn more today about how MTS TestSuite Multipurpose software and MTS Acumen systems work together to maximize your productivity.

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