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Functional and versatile, the Bionix EnviroBath enables efficient and accurate mechanical testing on biomedical and general material specimens in fluids heated to body temperature.

Bionix® Test Accessories

MTS augments its Bionix test system offering with a broad array of accessories designed to help you perform mechanical testing on biomaterials, medical device components, and medical packaging and consumables with efficiency, precision and confidence. The Bionix accessories offering comprises a full selection of grips, fixtures, platens, baths and extensometers, all optimized to facilitate the acquisition of meaningful mechanical test data within potentially corrosive biomedical service environments.

Bionix grips, fixtures and compression platens feature a rugged stainless-steel construction to withstand the caustic environments of saline baths, along with a universal adapter design and optional threaded frame adapters for easy installation. Advanced anti-rotation features and integrated alignment pins also facilitate superior testing accuracy and repeatability.

The versatile, user-friendly Bionix EnviroBath allows you to perform accurate static or dynamic tests on a wide range of biomedical specimens in fluids heated to body temperatures. You’ll find EnviroBath easy to use and maintain, and it is available in three volume configurations for testing in temperature-controlled saline or protein-based fluids. Convenient, leak-proof front and back access panels enable easy installation and change-out of grips, fixtures and test specimens.

MTS also offers several extensometers ideally suited for biomechanical testing. The Model 632.32 Biomedical Extensometer enables highly accurate measurements of strain on soft tissue specimens with minimal contact force effects. The Model 632.79 Immersible Extensometer is specially designed to provide accurate strain measurements and reliable electrical performance while completely immersed in a saline solution. For tests requiring noncontact extensometry, MTS also offers lines of laser and video extensometers.

Contact MTS today and learn how durable Bionix test accessories can help ensure the integrity of your biomedical test data.


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