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Bionix Femoral Fatigue Subsystem

Improve femoral component fatigue testing on Bionix® Test Systems

Securely positioning test specimens under mechanical loads and displacement is essential to accurately characterizing biomedical components — especially during fatigue evaluations that involve extended test runs and high numbers of cycles.

That is why MTS offers the Bionix Femoral Fatigue Fixture. Designed for use with the actual configuration of Bionix Model 370.02 tabletop servohydraulic test systems, this affordable fixture precisely affixes and grips femoral component specimens in the test area, helping to facilitate the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency with your axial-only tests. The Femoral Fatigue Fixture includes the load cell adapter, potting cup base, chamber and seals, chamber holder and thrust bearing and lower housing assembly. It complies with current ASTM and ISO test criteria for femoral stem components and hip replacements, specifically:

• ASTM 1440 — “Cycle fatigue testing of metallic stemmed hip arthroplasty femoral stem components”

• ISO 7206-3 Part 3 — “Determination of endurance properties of stemmed femoral components”

The Bionix Femoral Fatigue Fixture is one of several specimen-specific fixtures to help you address a full array of mechanical testing requirements with Bionix Model 370.02 test systems. Others include:

• Biaxial Rocking Hip Simulator Fixture (Single Station)

• Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Hip Wear Fixture (Single Station)

• Knee Wear Test Fixture

• Spine Test Fixture

Learn more today about how the Bionix Femoral Fatigue Fixture can enhance your testing


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