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A torsion test system specially designed for orthopaedic and medical devices

The MTS Bionix® Electromechanical (EM) Torsion Test System allows you to easily, safely and reliably subject orthopaedic and medical devices to torsional testing. This tabletop system integrates a compact electromechanical load frame with intuitive digital controls and industry-leading TestWorks® Software, providing an effective and easy-to-use solution for testing components and tools subjected to torque loading in biomedical service environments.

The Bionix EM Torsion System applies monotonic and multi-cycle torsion, in conjunction with an adjustable static axial load, to test orthopaedic bone screws, constructs and tools, along with medical device components such as tubing, catheters, torsion springs and lead wires. Flexible TestWorks software makes it easy to acquire meaningful, high-quality test data on biomedical materials and components that are primarily subjected to torque, using the same platform as all MTS electromechanical systems.

A user-friendly axial loading system easily applies tension or compression forces along the axis of rotation using a system of weights in an enclosed weight hanger system positioned away from the test space. A lift platform allows users to safely and easily remove and reapply the load application for specimen installation. An available axial load cell also allows the applied load to be displayed and acquired as part of the test results.

In addition, an integral interlocked test area enclosure provides operator safety and helps to ensure test integrity by preventing unintended contact with the test specimen and weight system. High-impact-strength polycarbonate panels provide clear visibility.

Learn more today about the many potential benefits that the Bionix EM Torsion Test System holds for your orthopaedic and biomedical device testing.


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