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Bionix axial and axial / torsional tabletop servohydraulic test systems.

Meet all of your biomechanical testing needs with Bionix® solutions

No matter what materials or what part of the musculoskeletal system your work involves, you’ll find the ideal solution to match in the comprehensive family of Bionix dynamic and universal test systems and accessories. Bionix solutions can help you accurately and efficiently test a wide variety of Biomedical components and materials, including bone, soft tissue, dental elements, plastics, stainless steel, titanium, ceramics, shape memory alloys and wires.

We specifically engineer our Bionix offering to provide the flexibility, precision and control you need to precisely replicate the complex dynamic forces and motions associated with body movements, especially those involving the hip, knee, spine and ankle.

Our ever-expanding Bionix offering currently includes:

Base test systems. We offer servohydraulic axial and axial-torsion systems, along with MTS Insight™ electromechanical systems and Bionix electromechanical torsion systems.

Test grips and fixtures. Our general-purpose and application-specific grips and fixtures feature quick installation and plug-and-play use.

Subsystems. These Bionix products serve a specific testing purpose, such as the evaluation of spine kinematics, and require additional actuation, servovalves and servocontrol.

Purpose-built multistation simulators. These advanced simulation systems enable the highly efficient durability testing of implantable devices for the hip, knee and spine.

Learn more today about how Bionix solutions can benefit your biomechanical testing.


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