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Force & Motion: Information to move your mechanical testing to new levels of certainty
Enabling more elegant orthopaedic device development
Build certainty into your dynamic testing with MTS Force Transducers
Meet all of your biomechanical testing needs with Bionix® solutions
  V3 - BIO - Lead Feature
Advanced testing technology allows large medical device manufacturers to better mitigate risk and get new products to market faster.
Enabling more elegant orthopaedic device development
The orthopaedic device industry has expanded rapidly over the past 20 years, driven primarily by the innovation of entrepreneurial medical professionals. But as more large medical device manufacturers acquire these entrepreneurs’ designs, it has become apparent that the entrepreneurial model is not fully suited to meet their demands. Specifically, the model does not sufficiently reduce risk during development, nor does it get products to market as quickly as needed.

In response to these pressures, large manufacturers have increasingly followed the example of the aerospace and automotive industries, choosing to augment the innovative entrepreneurial model with a more elegant and structured device development path. Luther Johnson, MTS Senior Product Manager, and Steve Trout, MTS Senior Application Engineer, discuss this “elegant” new path, which allows manufacturers to conduct meaningful testing earlier and more frequently during development, helping them better mitigate risk and perfect their designs more quickly.

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  V17 - ALL - Material Feature  
Build certainty into your dynamic testing with MTS Force Transducers
Gaining meaningful materials test data requires precise measurement and control of the loads and motions being applied to test specimens. For dynamic testing of materials under load, displacement or strain control, this critical measurement function is best performed by highly accurate MTS Force Transducers (load cells) for servohydraulic systems.

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  V3 - BIO - Product Feature  
Meet all of your biomechanical testing needs with Bionix® solutions
No matter what materials or what part of the musculoskeletal system your work involves, you’ll find the ideal solution to match in the comprehensive family of Bionix® dynamic and universal test systems and accessories. Bionix solutions can help you accurately and efficiently test a wide variety of Biomedical components and materials, including bone, soft tissue, dental elements, plastics, stainless steel, titanium, ceramics, shape memory alloys and wires.

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