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Force & Motion: Information to move your mechanical testing to new levels of certainty
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Further increase productivity with new TestSuite™ Software release
A Modular Solution for Spine Kinematics Research
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MTS helps the Human Soft Tissue Research Laboratory perform the translational research needed to bridge the gap between tissue science and the OR.
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Before new restorative surgical procedures and orthopaedic constructs can be used to treat actual patients, someone must thoroughly assess how they will perform when subjected to the loads, moments, repetitions and natural healing processes of a living, moving person.

Elifho Obopilwe, a sports medicine research engineer at the University of Connecticut’s Human Soft Tissue Laboratory, discusses how MTS technology and expertise help him create and perform the unique mechanical tests needed to determine the performance characteristics and thresholds of new procedures and constructs.

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Further increase productivity with new TestSuite™ Software release
New MTS TestSuite 1.5 Software features numerous, productivity-enhancing additions to the Multipurpose Testing package, as well as six new modules for fracture testing.

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  V2 - BIO - Product Feature  
A Modular Solution for Spine Kinematics Research
Flexible Bionix® spine subsystems provide the forces and motions required to gain insight into spine kinematics and advance the development of techniques and devices used to treat spinal disease and injury.

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