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Meet Non-contact Testing Needs with Bionix® EnviroBath

The Bionix® EnviroBath enables highly versatile, efficient and accurate mechanical testing of medical device and biomaterial specimens in fluids heated to body temperatures. With the incorporation of an MTS LX Laser Extensometer, the Bionix EnviroBath is ideal for precise, non-contacting strain measurement of materials such as plastic, rubbers, films, fibers, textiles and other biomedical specimens not suited for contacting extensometry.

High-resolution LX 500 and LX 1500 Laser Extensometers measure extension or strain by scanning the specimen and detecting the location of reflective tape markings. As the marks move during the test, the laser tracks and records their exact position. LX series laser extensometers feature a parallel beam design that provides effective operation through the clear panes of the EnviroBath and the test fluid within. They are self-contained and portable, and even first-time users will find the digital display and four-button keypad extremely easy to learn and use. They can be operated from the rear control panel or remotely via RS-232 interface. You won’t find a better unit for applications requiring 380 mm (15.0 in) of travel or less.

In addition to LX series compatibility, the Bionix EnviroBath is easy to set up, operate and maintain, and it is available in a variety of volume configurations for testing in temperature-controlled saline or protein-based fluids.

Meet more testing needs with your existing test systems by adding the Bionix EnviroBath and MTS LX Series laser extensometers today.


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