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Best Foot Forward
Minimize measurement error and increase lab productivity with MTS Calibration
Meet Non-contact Testing Needs with Bionix® EnviroBath
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MTS helps a prosthetic foot manufacturer accurately evaluate prototype durability at an early stage of development.
Best Foot Forward
Stealth Composites sought to enter the highly competitive prosthetic foot market with a cutting-edge design that is both functional and durable. To accelerate this entry, the developers decided to determine the product fatigue life at an early stage of development by testing to a rigorous but optional new standard, ISO 22675. At the time, however, few if any test systems were available that could reliably test to ISO 22675 requirements.

Eric Rubie, President of Stealth Composites, discusses how his company looked to MTS for a test solution that could accurately match the test profiles required by ISO 22675 to deliver repeatable, real world simulation of the loads and moments of walking.

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Minimize measurement error and increase lab productivity with MTS Calibration
Minimize your error risks and optimize lab productivity with MTS Calibration Services. Our state-of-the-art, A2LA-accredited Metrology Laboratory and expert field and factory calibration capabilities will provide you with a solid foundation for all measurements, while keeping your test equipment calibrated to industry standards.

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Meet Non-contact Testing Needs with Bionix® EnviroBath
Meet medical device and biomaterial non-contact mechanical testing needs with the versatile Bionix EnviroBath® and high-resolution LX Series laser extensometers.

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