Multipurpose Elite Software

MTS TestSuite™ Multipurpose Elite Software provides a feature-rich and highly intuitive solution for designing, editing and running tests. This software allows you to see and modify existing calculations and gives you the capability to program your own complex calculations.

A user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation through all steps required to create and run a test. Whether you need to create a simple test, or something more complex with parallel paths, you will have an easy-to-modify visual depiction of the test flow.

As activities get defined, real-time alerts will notify you if more information is needed to complete a step. And a user-configurable runtime display allows operators to view test data while tests are running … and react as events occur.

You can choose the applications you need to meet your organization's needs today and can add modules and options as your testing demands grow.

Designed for your needs. An interactive, "bird's-eye" depiction of workflow makes it easy to create and modify tests, including those with parallel activities.