Advanced Engineering Solutions

Advanced Engineering Solutions Division (AESD) provides engineering expertise and advanced engineering solutions to customers around the world. AESD has an experienced staff of over 80 engineering professionals.  We are also supported by other design, manufacturing, and service divisions of MTS.

AESD tailors its business approach to customer needs. At one extreme, AESD can be an ordinary supplier of equipment and services. In this case, little interaction occurs between AESD staff and the customer's technical staff. At the other extreme, AESD becomes a partner with the customer. In a partnering situation, AESD usually supplies project management and machine-building expertise while the customer supplies domain and process knowledge. This is often the case with universities, engineering groups, and construction firms that can supply specific expertise related to a particular application.

We work with our team-mates as a prime contractor or a subcontractor, depending upon our customers' needs. For complex projects where the system requirements are initially undefined, AESD uses a two-phased project approach. Phase One is a study contract to better understand requirements and to evaluate alternatives to solving the problem. When the project requirements are defined, AESD will propose a second phase to implement the solution. We have experience building custom systems under both fixed-price and cost-plus types of contracts, and we have a US Government-approved cost accounting system. 

For most projects, AESD supplies a turn-key system that includes design, construction, manufacturing, installation, training, documentation, and verification testing.


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