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The Model 814 Spinning Torsion System now applies a broader range of torque and speed to meet evolving clutch research and development requirements.

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Model 814 systems are available in compact bench or easy-to-access platform styles.

Model 814 Spinning Torsion Performance Evolves

Regulatory demands to improve fuel economy are driving the development of more fuel-efficient internal combustion engines with fewer cylinders. Deploying such fuel-efficient engines while sustaining driving performance, however, requires increases in the torsional damping capabilities of vehicle transmissions. To support the resulting industry focus on clutch research and development, MTS recently extended the angular range and performance of its Model 814 Spinning Torsion System.

The MTS Model 814 Spinning Torsion System is engineered to simulate automotive engine loads for the purpose of analyzing, evaluating and validating damping and vibration in clutch systems. Designed to accommodate both manual and automatic transmissions, the system can be configured for testing clutch dampers, entire clutch assemblies and front-end accessory drive components.

The Model 814 employs an electric drive motor to simulate an automotive engine running at operating speed, while an advanced spinning torsional actuator applies real-world engine vibrations to clutch systems and components. The spinning actuator can superimpose a dynamic torsional signal of either torque or angular motion onto specimens.

FlexTest digital controls and MTS transducers combine to provide precision control and monitoring of angular displacement, acceleration and torque. Proven MTS application software is used to perform a full complement of activities, ranging from simple block cycle testing (MTS TestSuite® Software) to more advanced simulations of real- world clutch operating environments (Component RPC® Pro software).

Model 814 systems are available in compact bench or easy-to-access platform styles. They can be operated with a variety of electronic controllers, depending on the complexity of your testing needs, and several types of test setups are possible.

Contact MTS today and learn how the newly updated MTS Model 814 Spinning Torsion System ca support your evolving clutch research and development needs.



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