V45 - Aero - Product 1
IEEE 1251.4 Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) Sensors

V45 - Aero - Product 2
FlexDAC 24- and 48-channel (B24) Data Acquisition Units

V45 - Aero - Product 3
Model 494.05 Handset

MTS AeroPro™ Software Update

Recent AeroPro releases (versions 6.9 - 7.0) include added support for a variety testing hardware, new monitoring capabilities, expanded Data Display features, and Shared Memory functionality.

Newly Supported Hardware
  • AeroPro version 7.0 introduced full support for IEEE 1451.4 Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) sensors, including DS2431 (1K), DS2433 (4k), DS28EC20 (20k). TEDS sensors feature built-in memory chips for storing critical information such as the transducer’s manufacturer, model, number, serial number and calibration data. Full TEDS support in AeroPro streamlines and improves the efficiency of sensor calibration, setup and verification.
  • Version 6.95 added support for new FlexDAC 24- and 48-channel (B24) data acquisition units with signal conditioning technology optimized for supporting larger structural tests. New B24 units provide full and half-bridge excitation sense (Remote Sensing/Regulation of Excitation), which is especially useful for mitigating measurement errors caused by the very long sensor cables typically deployed in large aerospace and civil structural tests.
  • Version 6.90 provided support for the Model 494.05 Handset, a portable device that provides another convenient interface (in addition to the AeroPro application) for controlling test stations.
New Monitoring Capabilities

  • AeroPro version 7.0 introduced an optional Prediction Monitor feature that trips an event and displays a message when actual or extrapolated signals exceed defined tolerances in an external data file. 
  • Version 6.90 established compatibility with the MTS Echo application, which can be used for monitoring of a variety of AeroPro signals remotely via smartphone, tablet or computer.
New Data Display Features
  • AeroPro version 6.95 added Auto Min Range and Auto Margin, new tools for specifying the scale and range of the X-Axis or Y-Axis properties, as well as greater user control over the column configuration.
New Shared Memory Capabilities

  • Version 6.95 also added Shared Memory support, which enables the system PC to interface with the system controller using SCRAMNet reflective memory. Values that are written to and read from the shared memory act as inputs and outputs to the controller. When the Shared Memory feature is enabled, the shared memory resources, or subfolders, are automatically added to the AeroPro hardware resource tree and appear AeroPro software startup.
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