Simply brilliant.

MTS Acumen® electrodynamic test systems deliver the capabilities researchers and test engineers need to perform high-fidelity dynamic and static tests that are vital to improving the efficiency, reliability and performance of materials and components.

Combining the extensive functionality MTS solutions are known for with a remarkably user-centric design, MTS Acumen systems give test professionals a fast, easy way to establish or expand in-house capacity.

These compact systems are simple to install, operate and maintain. They leverage more than four decades of MTS mechanical testing expertise, offering a solution that demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality systems for the full spectrum of materials testing.

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MTS Acumen

MTS Acumen systems provide highly precise load and motion control. They perform reliably and ensure high-fidelity results, test after test. The streamlined design features a rigid load frame and a direct-drive linear motor, assuring exacting control of force and displacement.

Ease of Use

Everything about MTS Acumen systems is designed for safe, user-friendly operation. The controls and software are based industry-proven MTS solutions, ensuring excellent usability and minimal training. Also, these systems require very little maintenance.


Electrodynamic actuation consumes less energy than other technologies. It also allows MTS Acumen systems to be put into service quickly, without additional infrastructure. Test engineers can use these systems in any location with a conventional electrical outlet.