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TestSuite TW version 2.0 significantly expands the range of compatible devices using National Instruments-based data acquisition

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Expand testing flexibility and capability with MTS TestSuite™  TW Software version 2.0

The industry’s most efficient and versatile materials testing software just became even more valuable for test programs around the world. With newly released MTS TestSuite™ TW Software version 2.0, test operators can take full advantage of National Instruments-based data acquisition. 

National Instruments (NI) is one of the world’s most trusted and deployed providers of data acquisition hardware. With this new software functionality, you have the option to install an NI 6280 data acquisition board (a PCI card) to the same PC as your controller software. Doing so significantly expands the range of external data acquisition devices that are compatible with your MTS Criterion™ test system. You can glean more — and more meaningful — test data for more comprehensive results.

For example, strain gages (if signal conditioning is purchased separately), displacement transducers, temperature sensors (with user supplied high-level conditioning) or any other high-level conditioned transducer.

In addition to NI hardware-based data acquisition, MTS TestSuite TW Software version 2.0 carries forward all the capabilities that make it the software of choice for so many researchers, developers and manufacturers worldwide:

Scalability. The software supports multiple technologies, multiple test types, and a full range of user skill levels. Combined with modifiable applications, test templates and access levels, you get versatility to meet both your current and future test requirements.

Efficiency. Different software versions for specific user roles allow you to divide responsibilities to make the best use of your time and resources. An ever-expanding library of pre-defined test templates lets you quickly create tests that comply with industry standards. If you need to create a test from scratch, a visually intuitive, flow-chart interface lets you do it with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Global standardization. With multi-language capabilities and hundreds of standards-compliant test templates, MTS TestSuite TW Software is the ideal platform for establishing and maintaining a truly global testing methodology across your organization.

Broad compatibility. MTS TestSuite TW Software works with a broad range of operating systems, controllers, peripheral devices and test systems from MTS and other manufacturers, including the popular MTS Criterion™ load frame.

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