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A single resource for all your hydromechanical needs

Whether you’re conducting structural, subassembly, component or material testing, MTS offers all the quality hydromechanical products you need to meet your objectives.

SilentFlo™ Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
This HPU offers the cleanest and quietest hydraulic supply anywhere. It can be deployed directly in the lab, reducing the need for special pump housing facilities and reducing supply line length and space requirements.

Series 293 Hydraulic Service Manifold (HSM)
This flexible HSM is used to control and distribute hydraulic flow to test stations, keep pressure transitions smooth, and provide isolation between test stations. Features include rapid pressure reduction for safety purposes, and energy storage for transient events requiring peak performance.

Hydraulic Actuators
We offer two lines of high-performance, fatigue-rated actuators to meet the full range of aerospace testing needs.

• MTS 244 series actuators deliver precision control of high-frequency motions and forces during testing, and are available in a variety of force ratings and stroke lengths.

• MTS 201 series actuators provide an economical solution for static or low-frequency testing of aerospace structures. They are also ideal for low-velocity, ultimate-strength tests on components and structures.

MTS Load Abort Technology
We now offer both passive and active load abort technology, which helps shield your valuable test articles from uncontrolled or excessive forces during a power outage or mechanical malfunction during structural testing. In such an event, MTS passive manifolds automatically unload hydraulic pressure via an adjustable interface that controls the flow rate of hydraulic fluid from the actuator.

MTS active load abort systems provide an enhanced level of safety by reducing all actuator loads to a neutral state at precisely the same time, regardless of varying pressures and positions of individual actuators. A separate control system runs parallel to the load control system, and takes the state of the entire test article into account when removing hydraulic pressure from the article. When the active system senses a failure or test interlock on the control side, it immediately prompts the uniform removal of loads from the test article, protecting it from harm.

Learn more today about how MTS hydromechanical solutions can meet your aerospace testing needs.


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