Doing Business with MTS

This information will help you understand the processes and procedures for becoming a valued supplier with MTS.

The Importance of Suppliers
MTS Systems Corporation’s suppliers are a key component of our business.  It is essential that we partner with suppliers who can help us extend our goals.  MTS has four key metrics around which we manage supplier relationship and performance:

• Quality:  Meeting established standards
Cost:  Competitively priced goods and services
Delivery:  Shortest amount of time as agreed upon
Responsiveness:  Prompt and open communication

We rely on our suppliers to be innovative in both practices and technology, help us meet our customers' needs, and share the same foundation of ethics, values and guiding principles. Creating effective partnerships are mutually beneficial – now and in the future.

We aim to create an environment that encourages open communication with our suppliers.  It is our goal that our suppliers recognize they are a part of the process and we value their input.  We expect that our suppliers act in a way that is ethical and compliant with all regulatory requirements so that the relationship can be continued far into the future.

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