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High-temperature extensometer

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Clip-on displacement gage

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Non-contacting laser extensometer

Perform a full spectrum of materials testing with high-performance MTS extensometer

The MTS arsenal of materials testing technology includes a wide selection of high performance extensometers, well-suited for a broad variety of materials and a full spectrum of monotonic and dynamic test applications.

Accuracy. MTS extensometers meet or exceed requirements for calibration according to ASTM E83 Class B1 and ISO 9513 Class 0.5 standards.

Versatility. MTS offers one of the most comprehensive selections of direct-contact or non-contact extensometers and clip-on displacement gages. This offering includes models engineered to deliver precision measurements under a wide range of environmental conditions, including high temperatures, high humidity, corrosive mediums, high pressure and radiation.
Quality. Designed for superior performance, MTS extensometers exhibit excellent linearity, extremely small hysteresis, and low activation forces.

Functionality. A wide variety of contact geometries and gage lengths are available to accommodate numerous specimen types, including plastics, metals, composites, ceramics, rock and concrete.

The MTS extensometer offering includes:

Axial extensometers for monotonic and dynamic applications. These tension- and fatigue-rated extensometers mount easily to flat and round specimens, and are robust enough to leave attached through most specimen failures. High-temperature models can be deployed at up to 2200°F (1200°C).

Clip-on displacement gages for performing ASTM standard fracture mechanics tests for KIC, JIC, crack growth and R-curve determination. Models are also available for precisely measuring crack opening displacement in high-temperature environments.

Laser extensometers for highly accurate, non-contact testing of fragile specimens, specimens susceptible to localized damage, or specimens that release large amounts of stored energy during breaks.

MTS also offers extensometers for highly specialized or custom applications. These include axial averaging, biaxial, diametral, circumferential, high-temperature, high-elongation, immersible, and miniature models.

Learn more today about how MTS extensometers will benefit your materials testing.


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