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A Modular Solution for Spine Kinematics Research

Developing effective treatments for spinal injuries and disease is one of the more daunting challenges facing the field of orthopaedics today. Whether the approach involves fixation techniques or the use of motion preservation devices, meaningful development requires extensive knowledge of the complexities of spine kinematics.

To help build this body of knowledge, MTS has developed the Bionix Spine Kinematics Subsystem: a modular, mechanical testing platform designed specifically for characterizing the behavior of spine specimens under a full spectrum of real world forces and motions.

Combined with a compact axial/torsional servohydraulic load frame, versatile FlexTest® digital controls and MultiPurpose Testware® software, the Spine Kinematics Subsystem offers a complete out-of-the-box solution for applying a wide array real-world forces and motions to cadaveric spine specimens.

The subsystem features a selection of both actively-controlled, powered modules and passive non-powered modules that can be integrated to simulate flexion, extension, lateral bending, axial rotation, and combined twisting and flexural motions. To isolate a specific mode of loading for study, other loads can be held at zero or user-defined values. Additionally, the subsystem is designed to provide clear visibility of the specimen under test and to speed setup and testing to make optimal use of perishable biological specimens.

Visit MTS at the upcoming NASS 2009 Annual Meeting in San Francisco (Booth 1432) and learn how the Bionix Spine Kinematics Subsystem can help you accurately characterize the human spine and augment device development efforts.


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