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What is TestStand?

Locally engineered MTS solutions:

» Small custom systems

» Meets immediate customer needs

» Designed locally, procured from MTS and local suppliers, assembled and delivered to you

» Global expertise; Local language and support

Working closely together lab engineers and MTS experts define specific test objectives, and then quickly formulate a solution to achieve them within available budget and time constraints. This is accomplished by tapping decades of MTS testing expertise, and determining the appropriate mix of MTS technology and cost-effective in-house or local manufacturing.


Contact MTS today and explore how the MTS TestStand solutions can help your lab adapt to evolving testing challenges with speed, efficiency and confidence.

Solution of the Month


Suspension Member TestStand - Three Axes Fatigue


This 3-Axes Suspension Member TestStand is designed to test and validate the durability and performance of automotive suspension components by simulating the dynamic loading imposed on the component in a real-world operating environment.


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Test Definition & System Design

Bring industry-leading testing expertise into your operation through MTS test definition and design.


Connecting across the building or around the world, MTS has the experience and talent to integrate your testing solution.


inspire.  create.  innovate.


Custom Fabrication

MTS has the capability to create equipment or accessories that meet your needs.

Test Results & Analysis

At MTS, we know how to correlate your test data to simulate and predict performance in the field.

The Possibilities

are Virtually Endless

with TestStand

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