Entrained air in hydraulic fluid creates varnish-like nitrogen-oil compounds that contaminate the fluid. This contamination accelerates fluid breakdown that can lead to poor equipment performance, system damage, and even a dangerous work environment.

The MTS SilentFlo™ Conditioning Unit removes entrained air from hydraulic fluid faster and more efficiently than the passive baffling tanks commonly used. Rather than waiting for the fluid to settle and the air to rise, the SilentFlo conditioning unit uses a semi-active component to hasten air removal. Clear hoses lead to and from the unit, so you can easily monitor fluid quality, and a plug-and-play design allows for fully automated operation with minimal required user interaction. This conditioning unit is compact and portable, so it can be positioned near the hydraulic pump.

The SilentFlo conditioning unit also provides superior energy efficiency. A small reservoir requires less fluid to be conditioned at one time for reduced fluid use, and the unit does not require high-voltage, three-phase electrical power, reducing energy consumption.

MTS SilentFlo Conditioning Unit

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