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Advancing Earthquake Engineering with Fast (real-time) Hybrid Testing
The latest generation of modular digital controllers
MTS introduces Landmark™ systems configured for damper and elastomer testing
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MTS helps the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) develop a world-class hybrid testing program at its University of Colorado (CU) at Boulder location.
Advancing Earthquake Engineering with Fast (real-time) Hybrid Testing
The George E. Brown, Jr., Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation(NEES) strives to accelerate progress in earthquake engineering, by adopting next-generation technologies for use across the seismic engineering community.

One unique feature of the NEES facility at CU-Boulder is a state-of-the-art Fast Hybrid Test (FHT) system, composed entirely of MTS hardware and software, which is capable of physically testing a substructure while digitally simulating the presence of the rest of the structure - all at response rates approaching an actual earthquake event. Since it is digital, this virtual structure can be affordably created and easily shared with test labs of all sizes and at all locations.

Thomas Bowen, site operations manager at the CU-Boulder facility, discusses the instrumental role MTS played in FHT system development, and how the resulting technology is benefiting the research community.

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The latest generation of modular digital controllers
The new MTS FlexTest® controller family sets a bold new standard for control system versatility and scalability. All modular digital controllers in the family share a common set of hardware boards and user interface tools, allowing you to cut costs and increase productivity by standardizing your hardware on an expandable platform that will meet both your current and future needs.

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MTS introduces Landmark™ systems configured for damper and elastomer testing
Two new application-specific versions of the MTS Landmark™ servohydraulic test system are now available: one for damper testing, and one elastomer testing. Both systems are configured with options and accessories that make them ideal for their intended applications.

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