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A complete family of quality, affordable electromechanical test systems

A complete family of quality, affordable electromechanical test systems

No matter what static testing requirement you face, you’ll find the perfect fit within the MTS Insight™ family of electromechanical test systems.

The recently rounded-out family of systems includes a wide range of force capacities and accessories to support applications in industries including consumer products, biomedical, automotive and aerospace. Insight systems also operate on best-in-class MTS TestWorks™ 4 software, making it extremely easy to run tests, review results and report and archive data.

The new system configurations support a broader range of testing applications, including:

• Testing larger specimens. The MTS Insight™ 50kN Load Capacity, Wide Configuration Test System features an extended frame length to accommodate the testing of foam, packaging and other cumbersome materials. The extra space between columns also enables up to five specimens to be tested simultaneously using a multi-head system configuration.

• Tests using environmental chambers. The MTS Insight™ 2kN Load Capacity, Extended Length Test System features extended vertical space, delivering superior stiffness while making it easy to incorporate environmental chambers and support a broad range of specimen sizes.

• High-capacity strength tests. MTS Insight Models 100, 150, 200 and 300 deliver up to 300kN of load capacity, making them ideal for tensile testing, compression testing and characterization of high-strength materials such as metals, large fasteners and composites.


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