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Maneuvering Through Traffic
Disaster Recovery
Enhance lab productivity with RPC Pro® Software Version 4.7
  V19 - GV - Lead Feature
MTS helps one of the world's largest scooter manufacturers maintain its leadership position.
Maneuvering Through Traffic
Two-wheeled vehicles have become the preferred mode of transportation in congested cities around the world. Pontedera, Italy-based Piaggio Group is one of the leading manufacturers of scooters, mopeds and motorcycles, producing more than 600,000 vehicles annually. Despite its strong market position, Piaggio faces intense competition from other manufacturers, and must continually find new ways to get feature-rich products to market with greater frequency and at more attractive price points.

Stefano Borghesi, Mechanical Laboratory Director for Piaggio Group, discusses how MTS helped his team reach new levels of innovation, cost performance and competitive advantage, by replacing more of its track testing with far faster, more repeatable and more affordable laboratory mechanical testing.

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  V19 - ALL - Material Feature  
Disaster Recovery
MTS helps a leading engine manufacturer dramatically improve efficiency after a flood strikes its testing facility.

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Enhance lab productivity with RPC Pro® Software Version 4.7
Help your lab accomplish more work in less time using fewer resources. New RPC Pro Software version 4.7 offers an array of helpful features that improve efficiency and usability.

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