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10 MN Pipe Coupling Test Rig

New High-force Test Systems & Components

MTS recently completed work on an array of new high-force mechanical test systems and components in response to trending application needs spanning a range of industries. Among these applications are panel and materials testing for both the aerospace and ship building industries; pipe coupling and mooring rope testing for the oil & gas industry; and large structures and isolation bearing testing for civil engineering. New additions to the MTS high-force testing portfolio comprise the following:

Pipe Coupling Test Rig
10 MN (2200 Kip) four-column servohydraulic load frame (horizontal
Test specimens: threaded pipe connections (ISO 13679)
Maximum specimen length: 3.0 meter (10’)
10 MN tension/compression combined with bending to 250,000 ft-lbs
Environmental simulation: internal/external specimen pressure to 30 ksi;
   temperature to 180° C (356° F)

Panel Test Rig
15.6 MN (3500 Kip) four-column servohydraulic load frame
Test specimens: threaded pipe connections (ISO 13679); full-scale aircraft
   fuselage composite panels; ship hull materials; offshore rig mooring ropes,
1.2 x 1.5 x 6.7 meter test space (4’ x 5’ x 22’)

Single-ended Hydraulic Actuators
3853 kN (866 Kip) & 5360 kN (1205 Kip) versions
Test specimens: large civil structures; isolation bearings, etc.
Extension of Series 201 product line

Double-ended Structural Hydraulic Actuator
2.5 MN (562 Kip) dynamic actuator with adjustable swivels
Test specimens: large civil structures; isolation bearings, etc.

Dynamic Swivels 2.5 MN
2.5 MN (562 Kip)
Adjustable and non-adjustable versions

Multi-column Load Cell
15.6 MN (3500 Kip) eight-column load cell; highest force capacity MTS load
   cell to date
Triple-bridge design (dual + single)
Measures combined axial and side loads and overturning moments
Extension of Series 661 product line

Single-Column Load Cell Family
2.7 MN (600 Kip) and 10 MN (2200 Kip) versions
Lower-cost (~50%) alternatives to multi-column load cells
30 MN (6600 Kip) version currently in design

Contact MTS today and learn how our growing portfolio of high-force solutions can help you meet evolving aerospace, civil engineering and oil & gas industry test needs with speed, efficiency and confidence.


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