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The new "heavy duty" 354.20 MAST Systems is engineered to support payloads up to 2000 kg.

Introducing the New “Heavy Duty” 354.20 MAST™ System

MTS recently expanded itsMulti-axial Simulation Table (MAST) family to include the new 354.20 system, which is engineered to support double the payload of MAST 353.20 systems.

Featuring six fatigue-rated MTS Series 244 actuators integrated into a hexapod (Stewart) platform, the new 354.20 system is capable of conducting precision, six degree-of-freedom (6DOF) vibration simulations on a 2000 kg specimen at frequencies up to 100 Hz and vertical accelerations of 8.2g. This “heavy duty” capability makes the 354.20 a viable solution for pursuing complex vibration testing and seismic certification of massive, non-structural equipment and systems such as:
• Power generators
• HVAC systems
• Electrical cabinets
• Telecommunications equipment
• Refrigeration/cooling systems
• Pump systems
• Storage tanks
• and more

As with all systems in the MTS MAST portfolio, the 354.20 integrates high stiffness MTS-built tables, robust test-quality actuators and swivels, efficient hydraulic power systems, advanced FlexTest® controls and RPC® software to accurately replicate real-world vibration phenomena in controlled, repeatable laboratory settings.

Renowned for their flexibility, accuracy and repeatability, MTS MAST systems are deployed worldwide for a diverse array of automotive, aerospace and civil engineering test applications, including durability, ride comfort, noise & vibration, seismic simulation, modal evaluation and model validation.

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