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See More, Know More, Test Better: MTS Echo® Intelligent Lab

Historically, test labs have relied on manual, disparate systems and processes to perform day-to-day operations. This approach has worked sufficiently for decades, but it leaves much room for improvement. Technology now makes is possible to run test labs in a far more streamlined and efficient manner.

By adding connectivity to people, processes, equipment and software, test professionals can gain deeper insight into critical aspects of their operations at all times. Previously separate things become more intelligent, allowing the entire operation to run better than ever before.

This is the idea behind the MTS Echo® Intelligent Lab — and test labs of every scale can begin building theirs today. The MTS Echo Intelligent Lab makes it possible to track tests, monitor test equipment and much more, from anywhere and at any time. Using their preferred mobile technology, authorized personnel get highly secure, on-demand access to the information that is most important to them.

The potential benefits of the MTS Echo Intelligent Lab are tremendous, including:
• Improved efficiency
• Better test results
• Lower operating costs
• Higher customer satisfaction levels
Key Functionality Available Now, More Coming Soon

The MTS Echo Intelligent Lab currently includes the following capabilities:
Equipment Monitoring. Learn the status of any test at any time and from
Health Monitoring. Proactively maintain your test systems with on-demand 
  health updates.
Test Tracking. Allow your customers to easily track the progress of their
   tests online.
Online Service Resources. Manage your MTS software updates and
   version information from a single location.

In the coming months, watch for additional functionality to be introduced for helping you further enhance efficiency, improve service and save money. 
With the MTS Echo Intelligent Lab, the possibilities are endless. Explore all the ways this innovative operational approach can benefit your test program.



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