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Effectively Manage Complex Data Acquisition
Testing results hitting the target?  Complying with Nadcap and beyond
New MTS 647.200 high-force hydraulic wedge grips
  V7- Aero - Lead Feature
Learn how new technology lets you easily manage today’s higher channel counts
Effectively Manage Complex Data Acquisition
Today's aerospace structural tests yield larger volumes of critical information than ever. It also routinely involves hundreds of actuators and thousands of strain gages wired throughout a structure, which can add tremendous complexity to test setup and management.

There's good news. As testing continues to increase in complexity, new software advances have emerged that simplify data acquisition. Learn five such advances that can help transform your data acquisition challenges into competitive advantage for your test lab.

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  V7- ALL - Material Feature  
Testing results hitting the target?  Complying with Nadcap and beyond
As Airbus, Boeing, GE and other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the aerospace industry make it mandatory for material suppliers to pass cooperative Nadcap audits, tier suppliers are compelled to produce evidence of compliance to physical test standards and methodologies required by OEMs. In turn, a heightened focus has been placed on the maintainability and repeatability of material test machines to remain tightly aligned within specified tolerances.

Jim Hennen, MTS product manager for aftermarket services, discusses why precision-engineered load frames and grip assemblies are essential to ensuring compliance with the industry standards for materials testing.

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  V7- Aero - Product Feature  
New MTS 647.200 high-force hydraulic wedge grips
Add convenience, precision and repeatability to your servohydraulic testing with these cutting-edge accessories,

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