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November 11, 2014

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Eden Prairie, Minn. – November 11, 2014 – MTS Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: MTSC), a leading global supplier of high-performance test systems and position sensors, today announced it has received an order in excess of $3 million for a large expansion of the test facilities in the Lyngby Campus of Technical University of Denmark (DTU). DTU is one of the foremost technical universities in Europe.

MTS will provide test equipment for structural and material testing, as well as the controls, data acquisition and hydraulic power supply for a new test center, the “Villum Center for Advanced Structural and Material Testing.” The DTU departments of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Wind Energy are collaborating to design the facility and define its capabilities. The new facility has been made possible through a large donation from the Danish non-profit foundation, Villum Fonden. The Villum Fonden is a part of The Velux Foundations, focused on natural, technical and human sciences and also support environmental, social and cultural purposes in Denmark and internationally.

“The challenges involved in innovating, establishing and maintaining an environmentally sustainable global society can only be tackled if we acquire more knowledge about, and a better understanding of, the relationship between materials and structures,” explains Professor Henrik Stang, Deputy Head of Department at DTU Civil Engineering. “We can then share our findings in a world-class research facility. This new center will assist us with this task by supporting fundamental research in the development and optimization of structures, construction materials and structural components, all key elements in our infrastructure, including wind turbines, bridges, and more, while simultaneously attracting new research projects and international researchers.”

“We are thrilled to be able to support the important research conducted by DTU and its customers,” stated Dr. Jeffrey Graves, President and Chief Executive Officer of MTS. “Our world is changing rapidly. In response to rising demands for energy and growing world populations, industries are developing new and better products. The need for stronger and more durable structures and materials is clear, whether to make renewable energy a more viable solution or to build structures that withstand a seismic event. This research will help to further address the challenges we face.”

About MTS Systems Corporation

MTS Systems Corporation’s testing hardware, software and services solutions help customers accelerate and improve their design, development, and manufacturing processes and are used for determining the mechanical behavior of materials, products, and structures. MTS’ high-performance position sensors provide controls for a variety of industrial and vehicular applications. MTS had 2,180 employees at September 27, 2014 and revenue of $564 million for the fiscal year ended September 27, 2014. Additional information on MTS can be found at

About DTU

For almost two centuries DTU, Technical University of Denmark, has been dedicated to fulfilling the vision of H.C. Ørsted – the father of electromagnetism – who founded the university in 1829 to develop and create value using the natural sciences and the technical sciences to benefit society. Today, DTU is ranked as one of the foremost technical universities in Europe, continuing to set new records in the number of publications, and persistently increasing and developing our partnerships with industry, as well as assignments accomplished by DTU’s public sector consultancy. Additional information on DTU can be found at More information about the new Test Center can be found at{B0B39C96-0803-499E-8D9B-1865A82FE0E2}.

About the non-profit foundation Villum Fonden

Villum Fonden (a part of The Velux Foundations) is a non-profit foundation that supports technical and scientific research as well as environmental, social and cultural projects in Denmark and internationally. In 2013, Villum Fonden donated 942 million DKK for non-profit purposes. MSc. Villum Kann Rasmussen, who developed the modern roof window VELUX ® and established the VKR Group in which Villum Fonden is a majority shareholder, founded Villum Fonden in 1971.